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Reverie (with Common)



Slipped into a reverie, I can see a better me
Things that's heavenly, like love and melody
Fly high, my wings propellin' me
To the heights of angels that dwell in me
These are the flights that I take with family
They keep me grounded by understandin' me
I stand under the rain, it feels powerful
Same force that make all the flowers bloom
Same force we come from, me and you
The same force that made you so valuable
I say, "Don't let the world take it out of you"
I say, "Don't let the world take it out of you"
We living in times, tryin' to hold on
Sayin', "What's Goin' On? " like the old song
People feeling naked with their clothes on
They wanna go home, I tell em', "Go strong"

A lotta sayers, we need more doers
Stay true to the one that run through us
Hold on when they try to subdue us
Old mind-state, they never really knew us
Innervisions, reminiscing
Mourn our conditions, no pot to piss in
We the children of a mission
When freedom calls, we gotta listen

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