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Cracker Ass Fantastic

Dirt Nasty

I fell in love with a gangster bitch
A chula chick thatll shank ya dick
Bitch from the other side of town
I live in the hills she from south central and
She got a tattoo on her neck
A lady Guadalupe holding her tits
I met her up at the Del taco
I said you hella fine she said you el guapo
She was like I don't date crackers or actors
Matter of fact I'm a rapper
I thought she would never get with me
till she saw me on cribs rappin with mickey
I put a hickey on her titties
Now her cousin smoky wants to kill me
At the barbeque I stood out
I was the only woodpecker in the motherfucking crowd

Cracker ass fantastic that's me
Cracker ass fantastic dirt nasty
Cracker ass fantastic that's me
Cracker ass fantastic word hit the street

So I slap boxed her cousin at the
Jack in the Box by the Englewood forum
Straight got my ass beat
but I still hit them ass cheeks uhh
So she taught me how to load the glock
And she taught me how to fold my socks
So I taught her how to hold my cock
And I told her you can quit your job at ross baby
Cause now you with the number one gringo
No more Doritos or frozen burritos
Have you ever been to fred seagles
Thirty dollar salad with a bottle of veno
You can play with my dick under the table
I got the tip covered thank you
Dirt nastys on fuego that means I'm on fire baby like waco


I think I hear wedding bells
And I don't give a fuck that her fish taco smells
She stole a chevelle
that's what she told me when she wrote me from jail
She Oakland as hell
Raider hat to tebat gold gazelles
Centerfold low rider mag
Other crackers jacking to pictures of her ass
She thinks I'm an asshole
Cause I can't eat her out without using tobasco
Mommy looks saucy in a poncho
When she dumped my ass at the Pomona car show

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