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Letter To Alex

Dirk Blanchart

Let's pick where we left off
not so long ago
(much too long to be good
but no apologies ...)
Life is going so fast now,
faster than before,
faster than the nighttrain,
can you hear it too ?

I came home from the movies,
I was feeling allright.
It was all about friendship,
it was wonderful ....

How they managed to get away
& step outside the golden cage,
defining love?
And all they found would last forever ...
Well, I never gave up myself
or is that something I pretend ?
Did I get lost in poetry ?

Got a wife and Iove her,
got a kid I adore,
got a place of my own,
tell me, could I ask for more?
When I'm watching the news, boy
every night on my TV,
I really regret the injustice I see
& then I go to sleep

Did I tell you who passed away ?
He was just eighteen & a day.
He had it all,
like long forgotten summers had it ...
I remember a day at sea,
he was always out to tease &
test my word & my loyalty

How's life in the Apple ?
Is it treating you right ?
Do you get in the picture
or do you survive ?
Did you ever stop dreaming ?
I'm about to begin new adventures in sound.
I'm on a fab label,
now fortune is bound ... !!?
No, I'll never stop scheming (dreaming)
Ain't that better, my friend
than indifference ?

Some say I'm lucky,
it's the band that I have
& the songs are Godgiven,
falling in my lap ...
If the songs are Godgiven,
should I give them back
There was no song to be written
I wrote this letter instead

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(c) EMI Music Publishing Belgium

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