If I Want To

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Sings Dionne

I see what people do
I hear what people say
I know theres trouble everywhere
I see ít everyday
Some things won't get better
Some people won't get through
But I can dream of a better world
If I want to
If I want to imagine peace on every hand
I close my eyes
And dream my dreams
In dreams I make a stand
Anytime I start missing
Human harmony I listen hard
Until I hear the music ínside of me
I can sing of a better world if I want to
I can dream of a better world if I want to
And I want to
You walk down any stieet
You dorít know what you'll find
Sornetimes it takes me ali I have
To face a world unkind
I won't give up trying
I worít just let it go
I still believe you can plant a dream
If you want to

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