I Got the Blues

Dion And The Belmonts


Well let me tell you a story
All about those blues
About a girl I was going with
Who broke my heart in two
She made me get those blues baby
Boy oh boy what those blues can do to you


Well you took my money honey
and you left me all alone with the blues
Now it seems I can't forget you
since the day that met you got the blues
You left me crying
there's no denying I got the blues

Why, must I cry
Why, did you say goodbye
Why oh why oh why yeah
why oh why oh why oh why

Friends they all heard the news
I'm suffering from the blues
Since we've been apart
I don't know, I don't know honey
I guess you'll always break my heart (?)

I got the blues
I got the blues
Over you

When nighttime starts
Like daytime breaks
I get the blues honey
and I'll tell you what it takes
When the one you love
Ain't with you no more
You go to pieces baby
and there's just just no cure

For the blues
Oh yeah the blues
I got the blues

Well, one more time baby
Oh, just the hope (?)
One more time
And I won't have her anymore

One more kiss honey
Oh, just a kiss those tender lips of yours
One more time

And I'll lose all of those blues
I'll lose all of those blues
Yeah, baby gone (?)

You know it's not so bad missing you honey

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