The World is feverish
and the people are the disease
A disease that every day is killing the world
I see in your black eyes
where the madness burns like a flame
That kills now for pleasure
For the people life became a sea of pain

I'm a prisioner in my home
With fear running in my veins
They are outside hoping that
I make some mistake
With a weapon in their hands
With those in suit and tie hiding them
They dominate the streets until when this
will carry on

Fight for the living or
Fight for who's dying
Fight for freedom
Fight for the liars
Fight for the feelings
Fight for who's crying
Fight for the living
Forght of let die

The sins running through the hands
My tears rolling through the face
Our feeling is not the same
Our hearts don't have faith
We don't have a face
The ones who's good only exists in Fairytales
The hell of Holy Bible is lying in your bed

Compositor: Rafael Dinnamarque

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