Down the hills, Indians were living
Carrying on their way
White man came and tried to occupy
What was sacred, their lands

The Far West was the scenery
Of one of the greatest battles in history
Between Indians and the white man
Fighting for culture and the lands

General Custer brought his men
And started to fright the poor natives
But what they could not imagine
Indians ruled those battlefields

Bringing back up to the fields
Trying to earn the gold for them
Increasing fights for the people
General Custer wrote sealed his end

Government sent the Seventh Troop
To take the tribes off their lands
Indians ruled by Crazy Horse Chief
At Little Big Horn was the Scene

General Custer ordered: Attack!
But natives were better armed
They annihilate white soldiers
Only Custer has remained

After that, the government has sent more soldirers
To get rid of the Indians
Poor natives couldn't resist
Most of them vanished away
Or lost their whealth and original culture
All of this because of white man greed

Compositor: Riccardo Linassi

Letra enviada por Rafael Dinamarque

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