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Din Rose is a multifaceted artist, weaving from music, literature, painting and a fantastical esthetics, marked by her personality. The leading line of Din's career is music and her main features as singer and composer are Sensitivity and nostalgia. Amongst strong refrains and a hint of romanticism, she builds her compositions delicately. Although, it's possible to find out protesting nature songs in her albums. Din's debut 2012 album, "Incredible World", was developed in indie style. This album has eleven Soundtracks that belong to the fantastic genre's book, " Lady of Dreams" published in 2015. As for her lyrics and literature, Din's writing is conceived of in fables shape, reaching subjects such as development and transformation, promoting spectators' and readers' innerself immersions. The different sorts of arts and the "come to life" in Din's presentations, in which her universe of fantasy overflows the literature and becomes visible in shows, video clips and photos. Lastly, the painting collection "La Belle Blanc", produced in 2017 with the technique Oil on Canvas, composes Din's set of painting works.

Din was the first Brazilian artist to perform at the British Writers Awards, in 2012.
She was agraciated with the title of Arts Commendator from Alb/Suíça, in 2014.
In 2016, She is a Master in Transformation with the Ex Cathedra - Global Accreditation Board of Coaching Seal.
Din was agraciated with the title of Senator of Peace from the World Peace Forum and the Schengen Foundation and also composed the soundtrack of Wpf.

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