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Don't Leave

Dima Bilan

Two years of love seem to pass us by
Our love has stood the test of time
I've been there for you girl
Through the good and bad, ooh, sunshine and rain
But the minute I'm thinking "we're progressing"
You're saying "I'm not the same"
And I'm guessing that you got a secret you keep it for me
And I don't wanna start something
But I don't wanna play the fool in love
Make it like it was

Don't you go away, girl
Right now I don't wanna say goodbye
Please don't leave
'Cause I don't think my heart can take the blow
It's the final round
And I don't wanna throw in the towel
Gotta make it work somehow
So don't you leave me now
Don't leave me now
Baby don't you leave, don't you leave
Don't leave me now

Listen, I blame myself
Is it too late to put my feelings on the shelf
She tells me that I'm overreacting
"Is it all in my head?" - that's what I keep asking

I start believing things I heard
I wish we could go back to how it were
When you would laugh and I would smile
I haven't seen that in a while
Baby, though part of me is losing you
Got me going crazy
I don't know what to do
Just tell me the truth


I blame myself (myself, I blame myself) (3x)

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