You're Dead

Die Toten Hosen

"Ladies & Gentlemen,
just so we understand each other:
in my right hand I have a gun,
so let's not have any problems, ai?"

You don't know where you're going,
you don't know where you've been.
You don't know why
but your life is a lie,
it goes by like a dream.
You're stuck in this rat race,
your job drives you insane.
You live for the bribe
of the next pay-rise
and a cut-prize holiday.

You know you're getting older,
it's not gonna stop.
You're locked inside a prison
where they bleed you drop by drop.
You wake up and you wonder
why bother getting out of bed.
You sold your soul to the corporate goal
and you want a new life instead.

Bang, bang you're dead -
there's a gun at your head!
But it's only a game, if they shoot you down,
you can get up and start again.

Bang, bang you're dead -
but your blood's still running red.
If you look at your life with different eyes,
you'll know how to start again.

You can't break out of the circle,
your life's not going anywhere.
Nobody's going to help you,
cause none of them really cares.
You could loose your life
on a crowded street,
they wouldn't even turn their heads.
It's all gone wrong,
the pressure's too strong,
better get a new live instead.

You don't know where you're going,
you don't know where you've been.
You can open your eyes and the innocence dies
and your past life is a dream.
Dead but your blood keeps pumping,
dead but your heart still beats.
You know why you're here, you know who you are
and you know who you wanna be.

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