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Diary Of A Lover

Die Toten Hosen

I love you so even though we just met
Maybe I'm foolish but maybe some things are mad
Or was it her hair dark as the night
And when it's late I'll make her mine

A diary of a lover
Yeah, I'll tell her I love her

Even though I share her I'm still fortunate
Just getting to know her makes me remember things I forget
She's such a girl, yeah, she's living in my world
Every time I see her she's gotta punch in
Her time's so limited cause she's still living with him
She's such a girl, yeah, she's living in my world

Let me tell you, you guys, you all got it so hard
Got to fight so hard just for some love
Too bad suckers, your not in a band
So easy it gets out of hand, in the end who really cares

A diary of a lover
Tell her I love her

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