Making Hate

Die So Fluid

Waste away
Crumble to dust
Face the day
With mutualment trust

More horny
Love that you've lost
Take revenge
Cover your cost

Stay with me
Let's play for a while
Dress me
Up in your smile

Tempting a dream
The dead have arrived
Off a cliff
With you by my side

I've got a good idea
I've got a brand new game to play
Let's flick a match
Watch the whole thing burn away

My conscience is tearing me apart
Everything is dead before it starts
We should have stopped, now it's too late
We're not making love
We're making hate

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

I feel the pressure of your stare
I turn around and you're not there
Nothing exists unless it's seen
Disappearing trick where have you been?

We push each other to the edge
And then pretend that we are dead
Why make a choice that's second rate
We're not making making love
We're making hate, hate

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