Beyond Help

Die So Fluid

I scrape my soul to find some forgiveness
all I know is you have to pay for this
you wont try to help yourself
you wont try

I'm in love with the death of innocence
my only friend in the face of violence
we don't die, we just progress
we don't die

would you spill my blood
to taste my kiss
you never felt a surge like this
striking me down to touch my skin
there's no limit held on your will
how could you see yourself by my side
how could you think my heart wouldn't die
how could the kill be justified
nothing gives you the right

we are the fairer not weaker
you're not my blood or my keeper
you threaten me you threaten life itself
you're beyond help

crushed under your weight
what you don't get, you think you can take
blood-lust, feeding on hate
what doesn't kill us, gives us more faith
how could you think that I'm to blame
why should I carry any shame
how could you crush a fragile frame
preaching all love is pain

you're beyond my help

you couldn't help yourself.

--by Gibertoni--

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