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Until The End Of Time

Die Happy

Perhaps i was addicted to the dark side -
Some where inside my childhood witnessed my heart die -
And even though we both came from the same places -
The money and the fame made us all change places -
How could it be through the misery -
That can´t get past the hard times -
Made a true friend afraid to ask, for currency -
But you could run to me when you need me, i´ll never leave -
I just neened someone to believe in, as you can see -
It´s a small thang through and true -
What could i do ? real homies help ya get through -
And coming now, he´d do tha same thang if he could -
Cuz in the hood true homies make you feel good -
And happy times we be acting up call tha cops -
Bringing the cease to tha peace that was on my block -
It never stop, when my mama ask me will i change -
I tell her yeah, but it´s clear i´ll always be tha same -
Until the end of time

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