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Very Fancy

Die Antwoord

Ekstra - EP

the $0$, dress so fress,
Sy's very fancy, Hi-tek flows flex
On the street sy hou van my skoene
like there goes da ou met die Pumas
Did you pay for those shoes bru?
Im flat broke bra
but free Puma fokken alles coz I rap so gna
Y mc kak n oukie (??)
Ninja's rap maak 'n poppie nat in the broekie
Kykie kykie ons is face to face hie
Im showing you affection luister baby
I know you need protection jy's a meisie
Im livin my vida loca and it makes you crazy
What's the big fucking deal?
Im the big fucking deal. Flasta's beat's fuckin' ill.
Suckers in my zone getting up to kak
Better pasop or the ninja will fuck you up

Not everybody getting money spending money
Not everybody getting money spending money
I'll pop a sucka fuckin' with my pocket money

One, two, three to the four.
Ninja's hardcore I sleep on the floor
Too much love makes you phat like a ganster
Fok dit eks nog steeds fokken honger
Let the N-I-N J to the A clim on the mic
and take you away
There's a lot of games we can play
Tell me whats wrong I'll make it OK
Life is a mind fuck you can sing to the lord
But you just ... everything you were taught
Very fancy when I do my thing to the drum
Ninja says everything you think you become
cool, i wanna be rich and invisible
replace poetry play overseas
ninja only raps with really cool rappers
now you see me now you dont
zing zooey zappaz

very fancy
this beats very fancy
very fancy
i speak very fancy


big bad man from the overseas throws a beat my way
sommer makes my day


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