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Squaggy Doo


<i>[studio out take]</i>

his head is big and brown and flat
he's about to rape a cat
they call him squaggy doo
he arches back and his dick ?
he's just a big horny overgrown puppy
kwang chung

his mouth is black and his nuts are black
there's an eight inch doodle stick
working it's way out of his back
they call him sqauggy doo

licking his bone
he's in the kitchen all alone
but he'd really like to be friends with you
squaggy dog squaggy doo my dog
you make it look so easy
you're butthole is so breezy - kill

you poor old sod it's only me

remember when you you were down on your knees
and the cats that cling onto your beard
they were screaming in agony
hey when you dug the bone out the ground
and the poor mailman came to ...
and your landmines blew like ...

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