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She's A Hunchback


she's a nice girl and i like her style
but she's a hunchback
i'm not a pretty guy got a wooden eye
but she's a hunchback
i take her to the football game
she's my little notre dame
and i know things won't be the same
without a hunchback

took her to the dance looking for romance
she's a hunchback
and when she does the twist i just can't resist
watching a hunchback
everybody's laughing at me
why can't they just let us be
she'll go down in history
she's got a hunchback

i got a hunch then again i just don't know
she drinks hawaiian punch she calls me quasimodo

i'm a lucky fella she's my esmarelda
doin' what i oughta she always brings me water

i know i'm doing well she's ringing my bell
she's got a hunchback
yeah i'm feeling fine coz she's so divine
with a hunchback
i take her down to gay paris
on films and books we don't agree
she can't walk and i can't see
she's got a hunchback

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