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Out Of Sight Out Of Mind


calling the doctor dr. kildare
i'm in a sad sad state of repair
can you find something in your bag for me
to put me out of my misery

i want to shout yeah i want to scream
i want to take her for a ride in my dream machine
and you can say that i'm the odd man out
there must be quite a lot of that going about

because it's out of sight
means it's out of mind
well it's out of sight
you got your life girl and i got mine

everyday i hear about fidelity
it doesn't seem to show up in the girls that i see
i have to give myself a second chance
i almost lost my head after just one glance

i think im smart yeah i think i'm wise
and then i take a look into her big blue eyes
she tells me leonard i love you so
and i could never ever bare to let you go

well everyone's saying that she's unaware
and that i i just don't care
but in my heart things don't feel that way
she's driving me out of my mind

i've been away for thirty days or more
and living with out her can be such a chore
so every night i've got to stand alone
until i see my girl when i get back home

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