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Make It So


(Leonard Phillips/Jonathan Melvoin/Stan Lee/Dorman)

Set the controls for the Neutral Zone-make it so
Where no one's gone before is where we'll boldly go
Kunta Kinte's blind and he's at the controls, oh no!
It's hard to navigate with an air filter stuck on your nose

Make it so
Live long and prosper
Make it so
Gold-press latinem
Make it so
Assimilate all of them

Make it so

Secure the bridge 'cause we're moving faster than light
Alien gods of Cardassia are happy tonight
We're flying through the stars and we're hitting the bars, all right!
Data's going to tell me that the Romulans will put up a fight


We're going to fly the friendly skies
Take a word now to the wise
Where we're going no one knows
The Enterprise is out of control

Won't you make it so
Like Edgar Allen Poe
Or maybe G.I. Joe?
Hey everybody,
Let's go!

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