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Magoomba II


in the beginning since the dawn of man
in forest green and in desert sands
the yearning of humanity
to know that god is a reality
is there a heaven is there a hell
where angels sing and demons dwell
to know all this i used to think was wise
but then magoomba opened my eyes

magoomba magoomba
voodoo god of africa
magoomba magoomba
voodoo god of africa

holy holy be his terrible name
utter it once and go up in flames
adorn his crown with butterflies
ayin the sign of the opened eye
the words of madness and mystery
the very power that he brings to me
i rave i rape i rip i rend
is everlasting world without end

magoomba rides upon the whirlwinds
spawn from nature's ancient dream
he moves uopn the world of mankind
like the siren's scream

does he like buddha or jesus christ
can he promise you a paradise
does he bring light like lucifer
bestowing power by the rite of birth
the day of cross and trinity
is done the twilight of the gods has come
it is the morning of magic and mirth
magoomba lives upon the earth

leonard, i'm home
i've got some ho-hos and yoo-hoo for ya
and that special hamburger helper you like
mother, for crimes against magoomba you are to be tried
what are you talking about leonard
come over here and sit down and have your lunch
silence! for kissing me on holidays and social occasions
for making me mow the lawn
and for forcing me to eat your cooking
you shall feel the wrath of magoomba!
now what do you want with your lunch milk or pepsi?
tie her to the altar
leonard what are they doing oh my god
prepare the sacrifice
stop that leave me alone
get your hands off me

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