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I'm Ok, You're Ok


i don't care what you say
i'm going away and i'm going to stay
i don't care what you do
you can press my trousers
and polish my shoes

i'm in love with sqeeky fraum
i'd like to take her to my high school prom
i quit my job at lockheed
my girlfriend says that's what i need

i'm ok, you're ok
i'm ok, you're ok
i'm ok, you're ok
i'm ok, you're ok
i'm ok

i ran into kim fowley
he told me go back to the valley
i went into the starwood
everybody there told me it should have been good

i ran into tomata
he was over infantigo
he told me where to go
and he also told me on the way to the show

i'm cruisin' down sunset
gonna mingle with the funset
going to a luau
gonna have me a real cool time

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