Diary of Dreams

[2nd Tribe]

I welcome you with open arms
As a receit for feelings
Floating sand through desert lands
Like a million stitches in my skin

No use to hide, no use to run
I sacrifice my body
I fear the snake's teeth, like a stranger's torch
Enjoy what's - raging - left of me

In my desert
Long lasting life for me
And my last breath
Messiah took from me

This is the last one of a sacrilegious dance
Embodied here, in the melody of wind
Understand to believe and feel to realize
Who are you to say the desert's not alive

Can you feel the satin sea
So deeply blue, inside of me

Collected moments - fractured fruits of blindness
Militant, you offer me your hand
As I see your body sink in sand
And I smile to reject with noble kindness

Welcome you! with open arms
Enormous fire - it's just the state I'm in
A million stitches - I'm one with these injections
Enjoy what's - raging - left of me

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