In The Rainy Season

Devin Townsend Project

He's trying
To tempt me, take me, down me, rape me, fuck her...
Fuck yourself, you'll never take me live
Goddamn this sun
Go, he's not the one

Take this away... July, July, July
Bring me rain

Keep calm
These are only just illusions
And whatever has been said
It has now gone completely wrong
But keep your head, don't freak...
Keep your eyes upon the road
And just don't think about that room... Oh holy fuck
Oh holy fuck, oh holy fuck

Goddamn this heat
Christ, goddamn this shit
Take this away... July, July, July
Bring me rain

He said "I know that you know that I am the one"
"You know that I've found a way..."
Don't die on me, don't leave me alone!!!
Give me this chance and I'll make it the last
I will never succumb
I will never succumb

Come rain down
Down, down, down...

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