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What We Talk About (when We Talk About Love)


What we talk about,
When we talk about love

Talk about a shot from the hip
And the sky above
Talk about the glow on the lip
What the moon's made of
Talk about things you can't see
When you talk about me...
Do you talk about love?

What we talk about,
When we talk about love

Gimme something i can feel
Not a mystery
Gimme something i can touch
Not a fantasy
Gimme something real, baby
When you talk about love...
Do you talk about me?
(Choir) Get off that slumber
Come on down get of that train
A bend is easy to take

There's a road up ahead
And it's not that far
There's a road up ahead
And it ain't that far
Down the road you just don't know
What it is you'll find
Down the road, it's a fact babe,
You might as well be blind
It's an odyssey so please,
When you reach that road...
Don't leave me behind

(Choir) Get off...

Deep as the ocean
Wide as the sea
I'm talking about low visibility...
High as mountain
And harder to climb

It is in what you seek
Not in what you find

When you say things soft
You know they ring so true
When you say things loud
They don't sound like you

Like it when you shake that thing
With the finest touch
Like it when you talk so little
And say so much
City girls they like to get rough
But when you talk about love...
They don't hold no grudge.

(Choir) Get off...

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