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Will You Cry For Me? (Feat. Arina Chloe)


[Verse 1: Arina Chloe]
It's hard to face what we've become
Broken dreams and empty songs
We want to live but can't go on
We want a reason but it's gone
I thought I knew just who I was
The sickness seeps through all of us
We want a chance but it's all gone
We want some answers to be strong

Now you're running out of time
And it hurts so bad inside
And it's eating you alive
And now there's no one by your side
You can't hide behind your lies no more
The future's in our hands, not yours
We'll rise against to find a cure
The answer's in this world

[Chorus: Deuce]
Will you cry for me?
Will you die for me?
Cause Heaven's far and when I go there
They don't answer me
And I will die for you
And I will cry for you
Cause this is how unhappiness
seems like it's far, it's true

[Verse 2: Arina Chloe]
I know the question's on your mind
I see you struggling all the time
You know it's me that's on your mind
Your eyes are closed, you're losing sight
I know the future's not so bright
I see we'll have to bear this fight
Destruction's always on your mind
But I am strong, I will survive

Now we're running out of time
And we're standing side by side
And we'll push until the sun
Will rise, there's no more alibis
There's truth beneath these pale blue skies
Our army's strong, and yours is lies
You're falling back, you're weak inside
So now I'll say goodbye


[Bridge: Arina Chloe]
And as I'm looking around
I know there's better days
Places where we all can be free
As I'm looking around
I need to find a way
Find a way
So before I go and leave this place
Before my last breath fades away
I won't go until I know
We'll have a tomorrow
Before we go and leave this place
Remember what I said today
Now the light has fade away
Don't care about tomorrow


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