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It's a new day, out of my way
Here I come now, to the new age
It's a new change, on a new plane
Push me around, I feel no pain
It's a new day, out of my way
Here I come now, out of my cage
It's a new change, on a new wave
Push me around, I'm not moving

What happened to rock and rap
And these white boys tryna
Backstreet they asses, back in the game
Don' already had them, I handed they asses back at 'em
Madness occurred, after that shit, it happens
Thank God I had him, askin' why
The fuck he ever came in the first
Place with them camera's rollin' in action
Escaped it, face it, it's too late bitch
I'm gone now chasin' all that fame

Racin' and it only took one day, yeah
To write this whole song, homies still on probation
Entertaining and educating all these kids about my childhood
Must help this nation
Amen, will God save all these faggots?
Damn aron you shouldn't say that
I've never felt like this before
Like I'm sober
I'm breakin' the rules that you follow

How does it feel to have no power
You only get it from sniffin' powder
Downers, uppers for cowards
Wowzers, and you push me around
Downwards is where you're goin' for now, word
Yowzers, still complain' about your album
Like you were supposed to go platinum
How can that happen, that I can't even fathom

Random how you went from diggin' in trash cans
On the streets of hollywood to joinin' a clown clan
Bow down, on your knees, balls on your chin now
How about some deep throatin', let it all go down
Stick to your town, I'm here with this nation
Split it right there in the middle at ower blow blowsers
Don't worry about our last encounter
Been countin' all the minutes, my final hour

Remember me
I watched your whole castle crumble
Right by your side when you were in trouble
Remember me
I loved watchin' you struggle
Tryna hit notes, the industry puzzled
Remember me

Always pretendin' that you were my brothers
So I could get closer to you fuckers
Remember me
And when we drank I barely would ever guzzle
Right behind your back, was countin' the numbers
Oh shit
Yeah, damn big deuce
Haha, you know what it is
Let's go

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