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The Violation Of Morality


I've lost faith - counting the days
Meaning of life - stabbed with a knife
I gave up on trust and amities
My hearts is about to fuckin' freeze
I've been treated like dirt
Friendship is just an empty word

Boiling in rage - Sophisticated cage
Raping the seeds - Desperate evil needs

Violation of morality - Violation of morality
Violation - Kinship was the only key
Violation - My surveil strategy
Violation - The act of desecration killed the person
That once was strong - Willed!

A put-up affair - so hard to bear
Like a loaded dice - in the game of life
Kinship was the only key, my survival strategy
the act of desecration killed the person
That once was strong - willed



Piece of mind - I can't find
Sweet revenge dominated my day

[Solo: Mike Sifringer]

Battle cries - nightmares agonize
Dedication & affection turns into hate
Addiction is the fuel - independence is the rule
You can' t change your fate
So dominate - Dominate - Dominate!!!

[Solo: Mike Sifringer]



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