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Made To Be Broken


Metal Discharge

In your eyes - I unveil the fate of your life
It's not right?You're never to see the momentum to be
I'm alive - How do you thrive

The Curse of the system has to end

Through my eyes
you will come to believe
that somebody is near to release (and to fight)
suffering of your sins and fear

To save your light to lose your vice

where is your destination?
Any hesitation?
soon you'll lose some control
hatred and pounding craving for nothing
soon you will damn your mere soul

Made to be broken - You will never foresee
Made to be broken - you're never gonna be
Made to be broken - like the broken glass of your soul
Made to be broken - like your fucked up one man show

The system needs to wipe out The thinking and loving
For a cruel world
Empty minds have frozen out Your soul and free will
Since your birth

So the days went by and you changed
To much for me can't you see
I wonder why, you are rotten to the core
are you free?

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