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Let Your Mind Rot


The Antichrist

You lost your whole family
In this religious war
The brutal truth hits hard
Your mind is your worst enemy
You don't believe in justice
Suffering the aimless decay
Too much for one life to take
Life without sense
The logical consequence
Is to let your mind die
Inflammation of your soul
Generation of the stillborn
Prepare yourself to the slaughter
Stepping pain cuts energy
The only relief is your fuckin' dope
Shooting love in your arm gives you hope
[Bridge:]</i> In this living hell
Hallucinations will rise
Hellish existence
Bloodbath in paradise
[Chorus:]</i> Let your mind rot
A dying horizon
In a world without gods
Let your mind rot
This enemy torments you - you better get shot!
Words without meaning
Bloodletting sacrifice
Selecting of the lost souls
Hate destroys human nature
Clot of blood
Bloodbath in paradise
Hallucinations will rise
[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]
A living hell
Break the spell
Hell is confusion
Let your mind rot
In this living hell
Hallucinations will rise
Let your mind rot
Hellish existence
Bloodbath in paradise
[Repeat chorus]

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