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Four Leaf Clover


Here it comes, sinking in, building up inside of me
I?m holding on to the things that I wish that I could be
But I?m tired of running, standing still
Oh if I could learn to close my eyes maybe this could be real

I need a little bit o? luck tonight before I burn out
Or take a minute when it all comes down and hear my heart die out
Just a little bit too much tonight before our time is through
I need a little bit o? luck tonight from you

Ever stronger than before, feel it weakening my knees
And I run, I?m longing for all the things that I can?t reach
As I find what isn?t there, oh unclarity it makes me blind
I wish I?d read between the lines

Uncertainty, or is it me
All I can see, oh it?s a masterpiece
Anxiety, it?s weakening me
All that I see, oh it?s a masterpiece
I see you in my marrow

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