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Couldn't Tell

Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy

They question the king upon leaving
Said open your eyes when you see
With her, all the singing came easy
All go, cut the sun in the evening
But the birds have stopped singing this season
Alright alright definite scheming
I've never been good at this really
I've started to see the birds need a reason to sing

I'll be making my way
Walk tall and don't go, we're lonely
Curse of us sinning and healing
I do all of this hoping she'll see me
I envy the sea, have you seething
The water and all of it breathing
Sacred the secrets I'm keeping
How we danced under circular ceilings
All the embraces we've been in

Bring back one last time
For the summers we saw, second guessing and all
You were all on my mind
I'd love if you call, I'd love if you call
Now I couldn't tell
But she's keeping me well
All of my secrets releasing is pieces of me alone
Honestly destined to fail
But you were all on my mind
'Til we made what we are
Till we kissed in the car
Now I couldn't

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