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Denzel Curry


Alright, yo
Damn, let me just break down some smoke real quick, bro
Let me turn this shit on real quick, go ahead
I already heard this shit, man, I need somethin' new
Hell no
Ayy, yo, pass me that lighter, dawg
Yeah? Ayy, yo
Oh man, it's motherfuckin' lit today, it's 87 degrees outside, woo
But shit, we still like that when I'm playin' new hits
That was just SpaceGhostPurrp, Muney Jordan, and uh, this shit goes crazy (Yeah, it do)
Up next, we got Denzel Curry, playing new hot joint called "P. A. T. "
(Turn it up real quick though)
Right now on Black Hood Radio
305, we in the house

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