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Picture Perfect Wannabe

Denver Harbor

Don't waste time searching for the perfect rhyme
Steal another melody from your favorite band

Cause you know you're not the first
And you're never gonna be the last
Sell your soul for a single

Picture perfect wannabe steal another symphony
Cut your hair and change your name rock and roll is dead again
Picture perfect wannabe searching for the remedy
Choruses and keys that change hooks that go for days and days and days

Sing your song hoping someone sings along
Without ever knowing where they heard this one before

First you take a little piece
Might as well just take a little more oh yeah
Sell your soul for a single

I know that you're out there listening
To every single word I say
Dreaming of your platinum status
And twenties on your Escalade
Its one more time around this one won't die out
And I don't know but I've been told
You resurrect the rock and roll by taking back the radio

[Repeat Chorus]

Compositor: William Salazar

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