Delirium X Tremens

Leaves that burn under the sparks of crystal waters,
Rotten by the ones with a goal that's not allowed.
Human clones wander, carved-eyed spirits with no expression.
Fed only with sterile aseptic mixtures.

Empty looks that know nothing only mist in their eyes.
Clonation, reproduction, genocide, suicide.
Research, speculation, creation, destruction.
Silent experiments and invisible clouds move like ancestral ghosts

Through the paths of men, followed by a synthetic aura.
Their eyes stare where everything has the dimension of nothing, tear their flesh,
Stick their syringes where live flows,
Saw tissues to create their race of automa, their own destruction.

Delirium of power, spawning from the ambition of eternity,
Fed by science, manipulated by mindless brains,
Operating like cold automa in the name of their own god,
In the name of their own being.

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