1000 Wolves

Delirium X Tremens

I walk alone where nobody can see and where I only know.
I must avoid the flock, they are chasing me like dogs after their bleeding prey.
For a useless entrails they bury their honour
Chasing a worthless moment of glory.
They are many and they cover with one another because it's their only way

- Run! A bunch of wolves is coming with their mouth dripping acid,
Vomited by the cowardice of being lonely.
Your courage isn't worth anything,
You are a thousand wolves

They merge their bleats to make them sound like roars,
But that isn't worth anything,
What are you without your band?
You couldn't even scare a child because
When you are alone you are empty useless boxes
With no emotions to classify you as humans.

You don't scare me now and forever.
You are 1000 but I know you and I know that your strength doesn't exist
You are just 1000 sheep,
Widen your empty eyes and you will see what it means to me!

- Run! Your courage isn't worth anything,
You are a thousand wolves, just sheep

Prepare your stronghold,
Useless illusions you must disappear!

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