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Morbidiance Blue Cafe


I run Morbidiance Blue Cafe together with my wife
On top there is a hair-dresser called Nick and he's found of knifes

When Nick gets a customer without a wedding-ring
He asks them simple questions about their home and private lives
If he then finds out that the person has no function
He use to do the hair-cut, but also do a throat-cut

But only the male, for girls he shows respect
Widows is not in his taste, but men he loves to waste, he loves to taste

Strips the body from clothes and ornaments
Release him from the head and different parts
He flays the bodies careful and sends them down to us

Finally the body reaches us here at Morbidiance Blue
We separate the bones form the flesh and we cut them too

For our reciept of pies filled with meat we got an award
Come have a seat, please have something to eat, you will not get bored
Eat our meals becase we have a deal with him on top
The young men he seals cannot be healed and he will not stop

You know when you've been tangled...

I run Morbidiance Blue Cafe together with my wife
From the flesh of young men we know how to make the finest pies
But the secret's highly classified

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