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Many Mangled Maggots


Does leaves ever cry ? Not if they are black
Does birds ever fall in love ? Can the air smell the flowers ?
What if the sun won't rise...the last one to notice must be the worms
And where is Marilyn ?

Won't a cat cry until I puncture the eyes with a tooth-pick
I've tried to eat rocks but they have no taste, it was just a waste
Do maggots steal the flesh of a corpse, or do they deserve it ?

Africans squize maggots out their skin to eat the good phlegm
I can't stop wondering why they bother to save the worm-skin
Flies use to gather among laying bodies

How many maggots can a dead body produce ?
Why are so many blacks starving when they can eat their friends inhabitants ?
Maybe trees hate music in fear of being cut to a flute
Can I pick the red out a rubin to wear it ?

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