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Beaten, Loved And Eaten


Retching, stretching your spine
Bleeding, vomiting wine
On all fours, broken lips
Weeping, rubbed fingertips

Crawling in dirt
In a torn skirt
Beaten, loved and eaten

Forced to intercourse
Of course you can't be pleased
Disease, it's coming to an end
He bends, you cannot comprehend
So you pretend...

...you're in a dream
Unable to scream
Beaten, loved and eaten

Spread wide, open inside
Neck broke, your guts he provoke
Being ripped, stripped, totally split
Careful this guy really hits

Gnaw you raw
Hack away parts with a saw
And then he puts you on a plate
With remains from what he ate
Sure delicate

"Föruttnelse, hasta o älskade brud
Blott din förhoppning jag äger
Ett lik ligger ensamt i slöja och skrud
Ett lik smakar gott med vinäger..."

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