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Time For Bedlam

Deep Purple


"Descending the cold steps of the institution
For the politically insane
Never to be seen again
Saying farewell to daylight
From henceforth I shall rot
In a stinking bed of wet straw"

Right from the ashes of life
I learned to behave
What to believe
What not to say
From cradle to grave
Ah... Like a good little slave

Sucking my milk
From the venomous tit of the State
Clearly designed to suppress
Every thought of escape
Ah... I surrender to fate

No pity no pity
Don't want no pity for me
In this filthy cell
I see you in hell

Frozen in time
I'm a specimen pinned to my throne
With an army of butterflies
Pilloried placid and prone
Ah... We were never alone

No pity no pity
Don't no pity for me
In this filthy cell
I see you in hell

"After centuries of living
With nothing but my convictions
Broken fingers clawing through
The walls of my incarceration
Escaping the clutches of eternal damnation
I was justified"

Letra enviada por Leonardo Rodolfo Paul

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