Declan McKenna

In Blue

Declan McKenna

I made a wrong turn, in blue
How the rain kept me inside?
I built a house from sticks and twine
And you said it would serve me fine
But then the rain could soak me through

And when she lies, she says you're lying too
In blue

Like how you told me then to go ahead and try it
Anything to keep me quiet
I caught the mirror head on as I grew

And when she smiles, she knows I'm happy too
In blue
And when she smiles, I know I'm happy too
In blue, in blue

I caught a glimpse of it, your brilliance
All too much and all too clever
I caught a fever like I always do
And still you let me stand with you, in blue

I washed the dishes, no sweat
All for show and no purpose
I bet next year I'll see you all the time
The fault is all deserved as mine
The fault is all deserved as mine

And I'll wake up inside a matchstick house
Was it all on purpose?
Was this true?
Oh, and I'll be waiting
Quiet as a mouse
Tell me and be honest, was this you?

'Cause when I talk am I so boring
Will I catch you sleepy, snoring?
When you're out of luck, will I be too?
In blue
And when you're out of luck, I will be too
In blue, in blue

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