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Don't Deny Me

Deborah Blando


DON'T DENY ME (Deborah Blando)

Say you like what you see
Say you don't even care
Say you want all of me
Say I'm not even there
Say anything...
But don't deny me

Say it's as you suspect
As I walk across the room
Say it's just the effect
Say it's just the perfume
Say anything
But don't deny me

I am waiting...
We are almost there...
You are the sound
That sets me in motion
And I am the voice
That caught your emotion
We're lost in the dark
Now which way do we go

Whisper soon you must leave
With my head on your chest
Say you know what I need
Press your hand to my breast
Say anything
But don't deny me

Say I haven't the right
Say I have not the will
Say I'm lost in the night
Say you've just time to kill
Say anything...
But don't deny me


Will we survive
A world of confusion
We're fading away
Through all the ilusion
Could this be our fate
It just goes on and on...

(From delusion lead me to truth
From death lead me to immortality)
Say anything
Don't deny me
(When the whole world is burning...)
Don't deny me
(Till the end of the world)

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