The One

Debbie Gibson


the one for me is u so just call my name and ill be there for u u gotta be with
me and have to say well baby iam the one for u and ur the one for me

its a perfect match and u no it iam here to day for u to just say iam the one
for u and ur the one for me an well be livivin through reality..

baby dont u no it iam lost in ur eyez and i just cant find my way outside cuz
iam so in love with u baby and i no u feel the same way to u just dont wannna
say it and u no iam in love deeplyyy oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohoh just say u
love me and we will be together one sweet day its love its for sure i love u
baby and ur the one for me.

speaking part
i o ur the one so just say come on baby iam the one for u and u dont have to
worry everythign is gonna be alright .

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