Death Grips

"He come to me with money in his hand
He offered me, I didn't ask him
I wasn't knocking someone's door down
I was running from that
When I got out, I was in that
I was already through that, I had that
I had the studio. I went to the studio
I went to fox studios. I had it all, and I looked at it and said
'This is a bigger jail than I just got out of. '
I don't want to take my time going to work
I got a motorcycle and a sleeping bag
And ten or fifteen girls

What the hell I wanna go off into -- and go to work for?
Work for what, money? I got all the money in the world
I'm the king, man
I run the underworld, guy
I decide whos does what and where they do it at
What am I gonna run around and act like
I'm some teenybopper somewhere
For somebody else's money?
I make the money, man. I roll the nickels
The game is mine
I deal the cards. "

I close my eyes and seize it
I clench my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship
And I know soon come my time
For in mine void a pale horse burns
But I fear not the time I'm taken
Past the point of no return
Wage war like no tomorrow
Cuz no hell, there won't be one
For all who deny the struggle
The triumphant overcome

Trips to where few have been
Out of thin air, upon high winds
Rites begin when the sun descends
Have felt what few will ever know
Have seen the truth beneath the glow
Of the ebb and flow, where roots of all mysteries grow
I am below, so far below
The bottom line
Transmitting live, transmissions rise

From the depths out of controlled by
Suspended glance of an unblinking eyes
Imminent gaze cast 'pon the path that winds
'Pon the path I find, and claim as mine
To ride the waves
Of unrest
Made to make me shine as a testament
To why the ways of the blind will never get
Shit but shanked by my disrespect
Dismiss this life, worship death
Cold blood night of serpent's breath
Exhaled like spells from the endlessness
In the bottomless wells of emptiness
Channeled to invoke what we represent

Secret order elitist horde of
Creeping fire seizing power
Riders of the lupus hour
Eye on palm time is gone
Moonlight drawn fly 'til dawn
Sacrifice to rise beyond
Deep inside the violent calm
Of the coming storm in blood sworn
To glorify and for life adorn
With all that dies to become unborn

In the time before time eyes 'bove which horns
Curve like psychotropic scythes
And smell of torn flesh bled dry
By hell swarms of pestis flies
Vomiting forth flames lit by
An older than ancient force
That slays this life with no remorse
The spiral storm
Of flames inside
The torch I raise
The force I ride

Feel my vessel go up in flames
Flesh torch lit by thee unnamed
Direct connection to the source
Vestment of unnatural force
Forever burning black torch
Wisdom of the old and true
Possessed by the chosen few
Shining to reveal the ways
Of a darkness that pervades
All that is and ever was
Inferno of witches blood

Worship is not on bended knee
Nature knows not of mercy
To pray is to accept defeat
Power pisses on the weak
Bow and beheaded by the beast
Beggar on a bitches leash
Scum is desperate for relief
Worship is the way I ride

Witching currents through the eye
Of storms that force the false to die
Worship the flames with which I rise
Into apocalyptic skies
Harsh winds flay mine flesh to bone
In splintered skeleton I roam
Wastelands with not to call my own
But the path I walk alone
The hunger burns, within my gut
As my bones turn into dust

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