Death Cab For Cutie

Blue Bloods

Death Cab For Cutie

All the east coast blue bloods come out west
And I watch them argue about who loved you the best
I was conspicuously of my kind
Overdressed, but woefully under-refined
Well, the story held together like boulders with a piece of twine

Three helicopters circling
Retreating and returning
Your photographs were on the news
And I was there just out of view

I was standing with a smile chiseled into my head
With a mind in retreat to the places I wished I would've been
When you caught my gaze, I turned away
Planned an exit like a grand escape
As I watched you spinning through the revelers like a cheap ballet

These words all sound familiar
Convictions are forever
You tied a wish to a balloon
Watched it fly to the moon

But you will find some day soon
That it will fall
Yes, it will fall on you

Because they all do
Because they all do
They all do
Because they all do

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