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Dead Or Alive

I saw your advertisement in a magazine,
That's why I came to see you, to find out who
I'd been,
You said I was queen, you saw...
Long black hair and a ten inch waist, you saw...
Boys crashing motorbikes all over the place,
Lip-stick' sending people out of their minds,
And then you wrote down a name, and you
said it was mine. It was!...

*N.U.K.L.E.O.P.A.T.R.A Nukleopatra,
N.U.K.L.E.O.P.A.T.R.A Nukleopatra,
Nukleopatra, Nukleopatra!

You saw a he-man body, with an angel's face
I was a different gender, king of the
she-male race,
I wore belts, boots up to my thighs,
I had thick mascara all around my eyes,
I've done it before, I'm gonna do it again,
I had a different name, I'm not ashamed,..It was!

*N.U.K.L.E.O.P.A.T.R.A Nukleopatra,
N.U.K.L.E.O.P.A.T.R.A Nukleopatra,
Nukleopatra, Nukleopatra!

I was a brand new gender,
Not a man, woman, boy or a girl,
I was a brand new species,
In a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world,
I look good in make-up, what's the matter
with cheating,
The other queens all called an emergency meeting,
Had the king of Japan sending me telegrams
You look like a woman but you're obviously a
I was!...
*Repeat to Ending

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