Welcome to this dying dream,
I forget it's meaningless.
So swallow your crooked words
It's pointless, pointless.

Suffocate, within the eye of chaos.
Hold the words.
Up against the ropes again you
Fucking little piece of shit.

Seething screaming unconscious gaze,
Despair, a burning rage through my eyes
Fury and hate it's draining.

Medicate, welcome the burning embrace.
All the while your mind is slipping
Into morbid anguish.

Fucking whore, behind a secret door.
Fade away and when the consciousness
Appears your world will crumble into oblivion.

Save yourself
Save your mind
Save the dying embrace for
There's nothing that you've left behind.

Suffocate, within the eye of chaos.
Close your eyes,
The vision here will make you blind.

Medicate, welcome the burning embrace,
Hold the words, your mind is slipping
Once again you fucking little piece of shit.

By: VoXXeR

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