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Acid Laced Fiasco


A charge for one and more to go.
You'll find that there's no way to know.

A though that you had,
Though they never knew has been lost in time.

And now I'm down so low
Acid laced fiasco.

Help me brother wake me from this.
Fucking disaster, catastrophe.
Gut wrenching, I still feel like choking.

Like all before you it's still the same.
No purpose remains.
I have no sense of reason and it's eating me alive.

These things take time, and all wounds heal.
But you'll die before I will.

And now the fucking shit has hit the fan.
I'm afraid of going back down.

And now I've come to take your place
This war that's here will be the end of you.

By: VoXXeR

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