Day Felice


Day Felice

It's still on the surface
I think I should go
High expectations
Reaching new lows
I wasn't around when you needed me
I guess I don't have what it takes
You said it's ok
And I break

Take me in closer
Let me be weak
I rise when you breathe in
And fall as you speak
I painted a future that meant something
I suddenly seem to forget
You said it's ok
You said it gets better

Lie awake, I'm dreaming
Unrest again, but you saved me
The city lights flicker and fade
I need something more just to know if I'm awake
You give me shelter

At late I've been dreaming
Of tunnels and wells
In case it's contagious
I've stayed by myself
I don't know if there's a way out of this
I don't really know what I need
You said it's ok
You said you believe me

Lie awake, I'm dreaming
I love you
If you stay here
The city lights flicker and fade
I need to be here until what's outside has changed
You give me shelter

You always said there's a way
and for a moment I see it
There is a path by the creek
where we can search for a meaning
I can have room in my heart for us
as soon it's beating
And we'll forever be safe
and affirmed and completed
I know there's nothing
that can keep the image from fleeting
But if we don't fear the loss then at least it's a feeling
And I can stay in your arms
until the fantasies leave me
You'll say I'll be myself again
and some day I'll believe it

So stay
We can settle it all in your favour
Keep me safe
I think it gets better
I'm not gonna argue
I think it gets better
It's still on the surface
I think it gets better

Composição: David Lindström

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