Legal Extortion

David Neil Cline

It's out of control
They're taxing this and taxing that
The more you make
The more you know they're gonna take
Go and vote
Politicians staying rich
They wouldn't screw themselves
Why should they give a dam about us

No new car
I drive a two hundred-dollar junker
It cost me more
Just to get it insured
Someone smashes me
Ya know I won't see a penny
Gives them an excuse
To take us for what we're worth

Uncle Sam
Insurance agents
Working with the law
Keep up where they want us
Milk the poor
Milk the middleclass
And pat themselves on the back
And give themselves a raise

Go to war
Billion dollar deficit
Foreigners moving here
Seven years tax-free
They'll tell you what you want to here
Just to get in office
But if you open up your eyes
Things are getting better my ass


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