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I'll See You in My Dreams

David Fonseca

Seasons: Falling

The city's gone to sleep
I can hear my footsteps down the street
My mind gets drunk with an old cliche
Escaping from this ordinary day
It runs away
It goes away
It runs away
Until it's beat
And dies under the sheets

I'll see you in my dreams
I'll see you in the sky among kings and queens
I'll meet you anytime, night or day
we'll meet under the stars, we'll walk unafraid
I'll hold you in my arms
I'll listen to your words, lie under your heart
I'll meet you anytime, night or day
I'll see you in my dreams, in my dreams I'll wait
All awake
And I'll wait
And you'll stay

Every little thing
Every place that we have ever been
it's all there but impossible to touch
it's all too real, it's all too much
And I know
Where I'll go
And I know
The state I'm in
It crawls up to my skin

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